What I’m loving right now.

I’ve been doing some “frugal” shopping lately, and very rarely do I buy something that’s not on sale. It’s really stretched our budget and made things a lot easier! That being said – there’s a few things that I do splurge on, and here’s where that blog post comes in: Products I’m loving right now. I’ll keep these post’s “realistic” and hopefully other readers will enjoy these products that aren’t crazy expensive.

Please note: these companies have no idea who I am, this is not a sponsored post, I’m simply sharing stuff I love right now! 


these bright and colourful bendy straws! you can get them at Bed, Bath and Beyond – you get 125 of them for just over $3. it’s a big of a splurge for straws, and I only go into the store for these (and to check the clearance rack of course). But – I haven’t been able to find neat straws for the little guy anywhere else.


Apple TV.

FINALLY we can stream netflix to our TV in the living room. Sure we could watch it on our iMac, but it wasn’t the ideal situation. Now we can also mirror whats on our computer screen (for streaming those tv shows we missed through the networks site) and watch the movies we currently have loaded on our computer – all WIRELESS. Not to mention there seems to be a NHL package on there, but hubby has yet to explore that. the device is super tiny and you can barely notice it, and it comes with a cute little remote. For only $109 – only $50 more than the HDMI adaptor to run a cord from the computer to the tv!


iSquint – for sideloading all those movies we .avi movies we have into iTunes

(to link to apple tv of course!) Cost? FREE.


BHG wax tarts.

They have SO many different scents – and they last forever in my scentsy warmer. Much longer than the scentsy tarts I’ve had. They are only available in the states right now *sad face* but I have no problem asking a friend to pick up a few for more when they head over. So far I’ve used Gourmet spice rack and Vanilla Cupcake – both AMAZING.

Cost? $2 a package (vs scentsy $6 not long lasting tarts!)