Baking: Organization


I’ve had all my baking cups and other baking supplies scattered all over my kitchen. some in a drawer here, some in a VASE in this cupboard here.

and frankly – it was getting to be a lot of work to run around the kitchen and grab different items.

So while perusing pinterest (admit – you waste time on there as well!), I came across a great idea!

I’ve had this little storage unit since I was in highschool, and all it’s been doing is sitting empty on a shelf.

EMPTY. it was outrageous.


on the inside it’s got another incredibly cute design…

6660wconsidering I’ve had this about 10 years – it’s in pretty good shape, with only a couple scratches.

so all my baking stuff went packed into the tin an a more organized matter!


6665wvalentines day came and went – and I had totally forgotten that I had cute valentines day cupcakes and picks. *sigh*

the only problem with this new organization system? I’ll be picking up baking items all over the place now!

If you’re looking to get some metal lunche boxes yourself to do something like this,

check out { here } or here on amazon or there is always eBay!

*disclaimer: I haven’t ordered from any of the above mentioned pages, mine was bought in a store at a mall. Shop with caution and do your research 🙂



I’ve really gotten into baking and cooking a lot over the past couple years (is that a side effect of motherhood?). I’ve also become a fan of the TV show “Cupcake Girls“. Not only is it full of baked goodness, it’s also canadian – and you can’t really beat that combination, now can you?!

My M.I.L. went out to vist my parents on the west coast, and they sent back a couple gifts for me…I just about died when I opened them! (from happiness, of course).ImageImage

This is an official “cupcake girls” mug. official. right from inside the store. pretty snazzy if you ask me, it’s microwave safe even. You can purchase it on the girls website if you’d like one of your very own!

the book is FULL of wonderful, tasty looking, and adorable cupcakes! They lay everything (decorating, baking, tools needed, etc) out really well right from the beginning basics. Lots of tips and trouble shooting are included – I’ll do a more in depth feature on the book in another post…