Textured block #1

I recently stumbled across a site via a facebook group that has a textured quilt sampler tutorial.

*(you can find that website here: http://mypatchwork.wordpress.com/textured-quilt-sampler-tutorial/ )

I don’t know about you guys – but I have never seen or heard of a textured quilt!

the website has 25 blocks, and the quilt will end up finishing about 52 1/2 x 52 1/2.

I would like to do at least one block a week, hoping for two or three a week if life doesn’t get too crazy!

Here’s my first block:

I plan on doing the whole quilt in white and blue and I’m just itching to get started on the second block!

Have you done a textured quilt before? I’d love to see pictures, so let me know the link!


Book Report

I’ve recently started reading “The Casual Vacancy” by J.K. Rowling

I’m huge Harry Potter fan and I was really looking forward to thisbook being released! I’m only on about page 60 of the book, but so far it’s pretty good.

Now at risk of having a slight spoiler here – I find it looks like it might be a bit like the movie Valentines Day, where there’s all these different characters and somehow in a weird way all the stories intertwine with each other.

It’s a detailed book and I need to be able to really focus to follow along with it, so trying to read it when I’m exhausted in bed at the end of the day doesn’t always work. Nor does trying to sit on the couch and read it with a 4 year old bouncing all over the place! but I’m determined to finish it, all 500+ pages of it!

Did you finish the casual vacancy already? Or what book are you currently reading that you could suggest?

November FQ swap

I had many plans of some wonderful blog posts this weekend…one being Supper Sunday – except I got called into work so we had pizza for supper (not a very exciting blog post would that make!) and then we were out of town, and just got plain busy. but here is the much needed FQ swap information for the ladies from the facebook group 🙂

I have the following ladies as showing interested/joining:

Jan W.

Carol F.W.

Sherry W.

Cathie B.

Heather F. P.

Kim J.

Carole B.

Julie K.

Pauline M.

Frances W.

Shelby B.

Vigdis S.

Ragene L. Blackjack-Genie

Kyla R.

The requirements for the swap will be small and simple this time around. One reason being that this is my first swap I’m organizing, and the holidays are coming up for many people so the budget may be a little tight – and lots of other crafting and busy schedules are going on as well right?! So here it is:

Sign ups close on the 30th (that’s tomorrow, tuesday).

You get to give some suggestions to your partner, and we’ll all have high hopes that they’ll follow them!, such as “I’m in need of blue fabric for a project” or “I would like christmas fabric” or “I would like food themed fabric”etc.

3 FQ’s must be mailed out to your assigned destination by November 20th, 2012

By December 20th, 2012 – it would be totally cool if you’d upload a picture of something you’re working on or completed with your received fabric. (this album will be on the facebook page for marching into june)

If you’d like to be 100% signed up, please email me the following information no later than tuesday, midnight your time. (in reality, I won’t be checking until I wake up wednesday morning).

1. Your name as you would like it to appear on the envelope.

2. your full address

3. what type of fabrics your trying to collect.

the above can all be emailed to : marchingintojune@gmail.com

please use the subject line NOVEMBER FQ SWAP SIGNUP 

Please note that this is currently only for Canada. 

As I had mentioned before I’m totally new at this, so let me know if you have any further questions or if you feel like I’ve missed something – I’m totally open to constructive & positive opinions!

Thanks to the Canadian Quilters group on facebook for getting me started on this!

the “very” series

You may or may not have heard of Eric Carle’s classic childrens book, the very hungry caterpillar. It just happens to be my sons favourite book of all time, at three years old he had it memorized and could read the whole story to us. So when the fat quarter shop had a sale and Eric Carle’s fabric was included, I bit the biscuit and bought the Very series panel. It includes all the different characters from the stories in two different images – a great impact and I didn’t have to buy a whole bunch of different fabric! It’s taken me about a year to decide what to do with it, but I finally decided to make throw pillows for my sons new bed.

Theres one more that I haven’t sewn yet, and it has the actual hungry caterpillar on it. He’s now asking for a hungry caterpillar blanket – sigh.

Have you made anything with the eric carle fabric? I’d love to see it – leave a link!

You can find the eric carle fabric {here}, and his books {here}

Halloweeny-Pumpkin Seeds

Husband purchased me a kitchen aid food processor as part of my birthday/mothers day present. While we’ve been using it to make salsa and grate cheese – we haven’t done much more than that.

So I dove in and bought a pie pumpkin and made some pumpkin puree – at $1.50 for a pumpkin, it was much cheaper and I got much more than buying a $4 can of puree!

I also dove in and made some really great, seasoned pumpkin seeds for the first time! I got the recipe from Pumpkin Patches and More. I converted the recipe into a 4×6 recipe card for you to save onto your computer 🙂 Enjoy! and please share if you have a seed recipe that you enjoy!

Clifford: 50th Birthday

You’ve heard of Clifford the big red dog, right? It’s an american children’s series first written in 1963 by Norman Birdwell. When Emily Elizabeth chose Clifford from the litter of puppies, he was the runt, and he grew over 25 feet tall – that’s some pretty amazing power that love and care has, isn’t it?! Because Clifford was so huge, Emily Elizabeth and her family had no choice but to move, so off to Birdwell Island they went.

Clifford the big red dog now has over 75 books, a TV series, video games and big screen movie adaption that was announced in May 2012.

Clifford will be 50 on Septmeber 24th, 2012 and there’s various events going on to celebrate Clifford and his birthday. I’ve compiled just a few here for you to get you started. If you have any more links that aren’t shared here – leave me a note in the comment’s, I’d love to hear about them!










I’ve really gotten into baking and cooking a lot over the past couple years (is that a side effect of motherhood?). I’ve also become a fan of the TV show “Cupcake Girls“. Not only is it full of baked goodness, it’s also canadian – and you can’t really beat that combination, now can you?!

My M.I.L. went out to vist my parents on the west coast, and they sent back a couple gifts for me…I just about died when I opened them! (from happiness, of course).ImageImage

This is an official “cupcake girls” mug. official. right from inside the store. pretty snazzy if you ask me, it’s microwave safe even. You can purchase it on the girls website if you’d like one of your very own!

the book is FULL of wonderful, tasty looking, and adorable cupcakes! They lay everything (decorating, baking, tools needed, etc) out really well right from the beginning basics. Lots of tips and trouble shooting are included – I’ll do a more in depth feature on the book in another post…