November FQ swap

I had many plans of some wonderful blog posts this weekend…one being Supper Sunday – except I got called into work so we had pizza for supper (not a very exciting blog post would that make!) and then we were out of town, and just got plain busy. but here is the much needed FQ swap information for the ladies from the facebook group 🙂

I have the following ladies as showing interested/joining:

Jan W.

Carol F.W.

Sherry W.

Cathie B.

Heather F. P.

Kim J.

Carole B.

Julie K.

Pauline M.

Frances W.

Shelby B.

Vigdis S.

Ragene L. Blackjack-Genie

Kyla R.

The requirements for the swap will be small and simple this time around. One reason being that this is my first swap I’m organizing, and the holidays are coming up for many people so the budget may be a little tight – and lots of other crafting and busy schedules are going on as well right?! So here it is:

Sign ups close on the 30th (that’s tomorrow, tuesday).

You get to give some suggestions to your partner, and we’ll all have high hopes that they’ll follow them!, such as “I’m in need of blue fabric for a project” or “I would like christmas fabric” or “I would like food themed fabric”etc.

3 FQ’s must be mailed out to your assigned destination by November 20th, 2012

By December 20th, 2012 – it would be totally cool if you’d upload a picture of something you’re working on or completed with your received fabric. (this album will be on the facebook page for marching into june)

If you’d like to be 100% signed up, please email me the following information no later than tuesday, midnight your time. (in reality, I won’t be checking until I wake up wednesday morning).

1. Your name as you would like it to appear on the envelope.

2. your full address

3. what type of fabrics your trying to collect.

the above can all be emailed to :

please use the subject line NOVEMBER FQ SWAP SIGNUP 

Please note that this is currently only for Canada. 

As I had mentioned before I’m totally new at this, so let me know if you have any further questions or if you feel like I’ve missed something – I’m totally open to constructive & positive opinions!

Thanks to the Canadian Quilters group on facebook for getting me started on this!


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