Clifford: 50th Birthday

You’ve heard of Clifford the big red dog, right? It’s an american children’s series first written in 1963 by Norman Birdwell. When Emily Elizabeth chose Clifford from the litter of puppies, he was the runt, and he grew over 25 feet tall – that’s some pretty amazing power that love and care has, isn’t it?! Because Clifford was so huge, Emily Elizabeth and her family had no choice but to move, so off to Birdwell Island they went.

Clifford the big red dog now has over 75 books, a TV series, video games and big screen movie adaption that was announced in May 2012.

Clifford will be 50 on Septmeber 24th, 2012 and there’s various events going on to celebrate Clifford and his birthday. I’ve compiled just a few here for you to get you started. If you have any more links that aren’t shared here – leave me a note in the comment’s, I’d love to hear about them!




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